A Destination Wedding – Details that Matter

Weddings mean different things to different people. No two weddings are alike and should definitely not be. A wedding is a unique experience for each couple and they invariably try to do something different every time. Destination weddings have come into fashion from the recent years, and quite justifiably so. They are exotic, beautiful and can add lasting memories to both the guests and the couple alike. Planning a destination wedding, however, is not an easy task. A lot of attention to detail is a must simply because you are hosting the most important day of your life at a place with which you are not familiar. You should have proper risk mitigation techniques in order to deal with any catastrophe that may arise. When talking about details, here are some that most of us forget, but should be looked seriously into.

Maintaining your appearance

It is your wedding and you are, quite obviously, the star of the day. This means that you have to look your best. The thing with most destination weddings is that they are in tropical locations. When choosing tropical locations, most couple tend to only think about the panoramic views. Many don’t think about the melting sun or how much it would affect the longevity of your bridal makeover. To keep your bridal makeover intact, look into hiring a mobile makeup artist, either from where you come from or from the destination itself. This way he or she can give you those much needed touch ups throughout the wedding.

Comfort of the guests

Many couples think about their comfort when it comes to destination weddings. They book the best of the hotels and take any other precautions to ensure that they stay as comfortable as possible. But what about the guests? Do your guests have proper accommodation? If not, go ahead and recommend hotels for them, or book one for them. Do they have a way to dress up for the reception? Why not hire a mobile makeup artist for your female guests too? Remember that your guests too have taken their valuable time to be with you at your wedding. It is only polite that you do your best to keep them comfortable.


Transport is another thing that most wedding couples ignore when it comes to destination weddings. Many simply assume that as they land at their destination, there will be cabs for hire. Well, think again. Your destination may not have a cabs at the snap of a finger. Therefore make sure that you arrange for transportation for every step of your destination wedding, at least a few weeks before it.

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